Sunday, April 28, 2013

Big Booty Bish

If there's anything you need to know about me is that I'm ALWAYS busy but if you ask me, "Hey dude, what are you up to?" 99.9% of the time, I'll say "eh, nothing." Let me give you a quick peep into my recent schedule: I work 9 hours a day at an office 30 mins away from my apartment. I am taking two classes, Calculus 3 times a week at lunch time at a community college near my office, and Social Psychology at University of North Florida about an hour from my office every Thursday (3 hour class). I also attend crossfit classes twice a week and lift/run on my own every other time. Finally, I insist on cooking dinner every single night....and as my boyfriend just pointed out, I never repeat a meal (that will stop soon! I blame pinterest!). In between all that, I have to study and spend time with my dog and boyfriend in which I INSIST on making it into an event, which turns into this shiz....
There's Murphy wondering WTF is going on....
When I get time to even think, I'm always dreaming of the day that I won't have school or a job where I sit down for an insane amount of time. Well, that finally happened this week! I finally finished my full time commitment at work and it was finals week. So what the hell do I do? I freak out and jam pack my schedule with funtivities. 

Just today, I cashed in my Aerial Fitness Groupon at Bittersweet studios! It's such a beautiful set up. The first ting I said was, "I'm so excited to be here! I need something a little relaxing." The instructor shot back, "Um, this is actually pretty intense. Most people don't come back." Me: "It's alright, I crossfit." Then she smirked. Let me tell you, this shiz is hard! all upper body strength! The WORST part? You have to be GRACEFUL and ELEGANT! Whhaaaaaaat!?!? I thought they did away with those shinanagans when clear, light-up heels became a thing in the 70s. My instructor, a swan in my perspective, was kind enough to not call me out when I ended up looking like a crackhead trying to do ballet in midair. You want proof?! Here's your proof!!!!

She kept saying, "Yes, but more graceful! Make it look effortless!"

I said, "Like this...?"
God Bless her. She tried and I failed her. Oh well, I'll be back soon, disappointing her with my lack of being a lady. Afterwards, I went Joann's to get some fabric because I had an awesome coupon and for some reason I woke up (conveniently @ 5:30 a.m.) with an idea for a Maxi dress that didn't seem too hard. It turned out like this...
Crossback Maxi Dress...took me an 2 hours!

Then I noticed MY FRIGGIN' BUTT! Or lack there of! It's so....flat. Everything else on my body I'm very happy with and yet for some reason, I never noticed my money maker wasn't makin' money! Know what I'm sayin'!?!?  Ugh...

So, here's my plan of action...For the next Month, I'm going to really focus on the glutes. Twice a week, I will be on the stairmaster for 30-45 mins.

For weights (if you didn't know, you NEED to lift weights to get that bubble butt effect. now you know!)

15 Deadlifts @ 130 lbs
20 donkey kicks each side
20 bridges
20 squats @ 65 lbs
10 side lunges

Then do it AGAIN! (said in a German voice)

So, here's my before pic...
There WILL be an after pic! 

Now, I'm off to make paleo peppermint patties and new curtains for my bedroom! I can't wait til school starts....

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