Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Yellow Brick Road

I recently started to lose weight. The healthy way. Not the "I'm going to start this new diet with magical fruit and 3 different types of pills" way. I've been on this road since 2006. Many diets, many fitness routines and idiotic phases later, I finally came to a point where I stopped kidding myself and started to do the right things.  
A lot of my friends and co workers ask me how I did it and the look of disappointment across their face when I say the words "I actually started eating better and exercising for realsies" always kind of surprises annoys me. There are a select few who REALLY want to know how to start feeling better about themselves and stop the BS. Those people are the reason I am starting this blog. So that they know how to handle certain situations that other fitness blogs just don't seem to cover (kids who only eat hot dogs and macaroni, office potlucks every friggin Thursday, boyfriends/husbands who eat like crap, or just NOT having the time for fitness because those are ALL REAL THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN LIFE!)

Anyway, I plan to share my experiences on what worked for me, what's NOT working for you (or anyone else for that matter), things I eat, gimmicks to watch out for and anything random I decide to share because why the heck not? It's my blog and you definitely want to hear about embarrassing stories about myself that are both related and unrelated to fitness. amirite?!

Bottom line, I want you to know that I went from this...

This picture is of me in 2009 when I was working out 2-3 hours a day with the mind set of "Well, I can eat whatever I want because my workouts cancel out everything" (side note: I really really, in my heart of hearts thought I looked awesome here! ACK!)

...and me today after working out MAYBE 2-3 times a week but honestly eating as healthy as I can...

See the obvious difference? One of these pictures is of me SAYING that I eat healthy and the other is of me PROVING that I eat healthy...You might be thinking 'No, one is high definition photo and the other is a grainy ass photo of you taken by your cheap phone.' in which case you are also 100% right! But it's my FIRST blog post and you're already being mean about it! Jk. But please bare (sp? ahh, who cares) with me while my broke ass saves up some cash for a decent camera. mmmKay? cool. 

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