Sunday, May 12, 2013

WOD and Meals

I'm going to try to post my Work Out of the Day and Meals. This is going to help me gauge where I need improvement to achieve my goals, get me in the habit of posting more often and hopefully give you ideas on health and fitness. I do promise that I will be honest!

Paleo Granola with Vanilla Almond milk (recipe found here: Granola Recipe)
Coffee with Coconut creamer and Stevia

Leftover Paleo "fried rice" (right cheer: Cauliflower fried Rice)

Southwest Chipotle Fish tacos with Coconut flour tortillas (Heaven Sent Paleo Tortillas)
Pico de Gallo

Don't be deceived. I had two of them before I realized I should take a picture....

Fruit salad with mint
Chai Tea
Mint settles the stomach and gets rid of your ratchet breaf!


Find 3 rep max on bench press (ended up at 85#'s...ugh, 10#'s less than my PR)

For time:
500m Row
30 bench press @ 65#
1000m Row
20 bench press
2000m Row
10 bench press

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